Niche Marketing Game Plan

A few days ago I posted Niche Social Media Marketing it’s for YOU! This is a great way to generate leads, build your brand and position yourself as the go-to agent. As promised here is the step by step game plan on how to use social media to create a niche market.

Every agent wants that status, to be the agent that owns that neighborhood, or that niche market. It used to be that the same agent sold homes in the same neighborhood but as the world got smaller our marketplaces became bigger. Remember old-fashioned farming? I am not suggesting anything different except to make the old new again.

Step 1 Pick a Niche Market

This may be a neighborhood, a condo development, lake front homes whatever works in your area. But wait! Don’t just pick any niche market consider the turnover rate. You will want to make sure you can make money here before you waste your time, energy and money.

To check the turnover rate, pull the market stats for that target market in your MLS. The turnover rate is the percentage of total units in the niche market divided by the number of total homes sold in the niche market that year. For example, if you have a neighborhood of 300 homes and on average 25 homes sell each year, the turnover rate is 12%. You can also measure how often homeowners in that neighborhood sell, or how long the average homeownership is by doing the inverse (1/12%). The average length of home ownership is 12 years.

This information will help you determine if this is a market worth targeting.

Step 2 Create a Social Media Campaign.

It may be more beneficial to you to create a social media campaign around a smaller market than to focus on a bigger and more competitive marketplace.

For this example lets call our niche market Farmview Estates.

Set up a Facebook business page, make the theme of the page around the niche market. So, we would name the Facebook business page Farmview Estates or Fabulous Farmview Estates.

Create a landing page with a lead capture form. A landing page can be created to welcome non fans to your Facebook page and encourages them to like the page.

This is an example of a real estate Facebook landing page.

If you would like to get this landing page there is great company RLS2000 that can create one for you for a very reasonable price. Click here to contact RLS2000

Create a blog and name it the same thing as your Facebook business page, so for our example Farmview Estates.

Make sure your blog and Facebook business page have an IDX solution so that visitors can search for property on your site. If you have an IDX solution for your website you may want to call your current provider or RLS200 has a WordPress plug-in and Facebook app that contains a property search. Click here to find out more.

Note:At this time the Facebook app and the WordPress plug-in from RLS2000 only work in New England.

Step 3 Create Content that Matters to your Niche

Homeowners in Farmview Estates are looking for a central place to connect, get information and share information that is where your niche marketing campaign comes in.

You can be the content generator and conduit of that information. You are a valuable resource and the expert.

Content Ideas for Farmview Estates

Market updates
New listings, sales in niche
School information
Local businesses
Local services
Kids sports sign ups
Parade routes and times
Let others contribute content (yard sales, neighborhood block parties, things for sale etc)

Step 4 Go Offline

Now its time to use the old tried and true methods to get the word out. First, email every contact you have in the niche market and get them the link to the Facebook page and the blog. Make sure to tell them to “like” the page. That may seem understood but for many it is not.

Next, set up a snail mail campaign letting all the households know about the page and tell them why they should go there!

You will want to make sure you have a custom url for your Facebook page. A custom Facebook url will give a great way to promote your page. To get one, you must have at least 25 likes (or fans) on your business page. To get your custom url go to

I would also buy a domain name and point it to your blog. You can do that from a site like Go Daddy. So we should have for our blog or and (These urls are just for demonstration purposes).

The urls make it much easier to promote the page. Send out postcards to all the homeowners with the urls. You can also put the urls on listing flyers and even yard signs.

Step 5 Get Belly to Belly

Here is the one thing that will remain constant in relationship sales, getting belly to belly with people. You will never be able to duplicate the power of that interaction. So get out in your own Farmview Estates and press the flesh, talk to people, go to the yard sales posted on the Facebook page and offer to help out in the neighborhood block party.


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