Niche Social Media Marketing its for You!

So lately I have been seeing and hearing a lot of agents out there trying to be and do it all. The unfortunate ending to the saying “Jack of all trades” is “master of none”. That is what is happening in real estate marketing today.

I have worked with thousands of agents creating social media campaigns. The first question I ask, What is your market? They look at me confused, bewildered and often answer, “Massachusetts, I have my Rhode Island license too”. Last week, an internet marketing authority who shall rename nameless as he is too big to even mention asked me to look at an agent’s website. She had all kinds of nice links to tips for sellers etc. but when I asked him what her market was he said seasonal, luxury rentals. Huh? Great market for her area but nowhere did I see anything about seasonal rentals on her website. Why isn’t she targeting this market on her web page or through social media. If this is her market then why is featuring links to tips for Sellers? I would guess because that’s what all agents do. She is trying to be that Jack of all trades.

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with a Broker from Boston, we were 40 miles out of the city in the suburbs. I asked him, “What is your market?”. His reply, “Anywhere”. Really? Anywhere? How could you sell a home on Cape Cod from Boston? Or provide good service to a Buyer looking to buy in an area you are unfamiliar with?

I know, I know I may get a lot of flack from agents for this. Think back to the last time you had a listing and the out of area agent brought the buyer and either disappeared or didn’t know enough to represent that buyer they way they deserved. I don’t need you to answer. I already know how many of those deals go, been there done that.

I digress a little here. I am really talking about effective marketing strategies. You want to have a target market or niche market and focus on delivering good, quality service to this demographic and focus your marketing efforts here.

Let’s say I have a real estate blog, which you should all have. Read The Case for Blogging in your Real Estate Business to find out why. Having a broad topic like Texas Real Estate is too much ground to cover. My marketplace may be near Forth Worth for example and many of my buyers and sellers serve in the military. First, thank them for that. Second, they have special needs. They also need special marketing.

Think of the concerns of a military family. In fact, I googled “real estate help military family”. You know what I found? I found FSBO sites, and military generated sites. Not until I went to the second page of a Google search did I find an agent who had two lines on her website saying she specialized in military families. No where on her site did I see information about relocating, moving with kids, or links to organizations that help military families. Creating and maintaining a blog about the needs, concerns and things that are important to military families would help drive military families to this agent plus she could also position herself as the go-to military agent.

Think of it this way, your niche market may be smaller but it is usually more lucrative. Would you rather be the agent that scrambles to sell 25 homes in your town or the agent that OWNS a neighborhood of 300 with a 8% turnover rate? Think both sides here too, not just the list side. That could be 48 deals! Being that go-to, own the neighborhood agent is a a lot easier these days, you can even dethrone the one that is there now. So instead of focusing all of your social media efforts around your name or a large territory drill down to a smaller but more lucrative goal.

This is no different from the old farming a neighborhood plan, be the expert, provide the information. create a community and they will come!

Check back tomorrow, I will lay a plan on how to target a neighborhood and become THAT agent. If you have any examples of target marketing please share them with us.


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  1. Your post makes me think that the old phrase “I am a neighborhood specialist” is dead. Maybe we should say I am the neighborhood resource. I don’t have a target market. I just work the leads that come in. . .I can not tell you how many agents I meet that operate their business this way. I was that agent for 6 years and I got my sea legs. It wasn’t intentional. I just got really good at being a resource and researching answers to questions I didn’t know. Doesn’t make me unproductive, just a little bit untraditional.

    • Yes be the neighbhorhood/niche market specialist/resource. When I was selling I tried a few things (who didn’t). One thing I did was own (mean sold all of the condos) a condo development by target marketing. Prices were low in development, but they sold quickly and usually the homeowners were move up buyers so sides x2. This is so much easier today with social media, no more newsletters, postcards, etc. Set yourself apart no matter how you do it. Untraditional I like!

  2. Jill you are so right! Living in Boston I found that since the state was so small agents would think of their market as the whole state, well at least half. But, your so right niche marketing makes so much more sense, get to be known as a local expert and then be that expert. Thanx for your blog!

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