Get Organized: Facebook Friends

One of the most effective ways to manage your Facebook account is to organize your Friends into lists. By creating lists you will be able to answer the ago old question; What if I have different groups of friends, family etc. on my Facebook and I don’t want them to see certain posts? By creating lists of your Facebook Friends you will be able to do this!

If you have a lot of Friends already there will be a little initial work on your part but spending the time to get organized will help you down the road.

Create Lists

The first thing you will want to do is decide how you want to group your Facebook Friends into lists. Most people will usually divide their Friends into categories.

-High School Friends
-College Friends

If you also use your Facebook account for business you may want to add some additional lists.

-Current Clients
-Past Clients
-Potential Clients

Next you will want to go to your Home Page on Facebook and go to Friends.

Once you have done that you will want to click the Edit Friends button.

After clicking the Edit Friends button you will see a Create List button

Click the Create List button and type the name of the list you would like to create in the box (i.e. Family) and then click the Create List button again.

There are three ways you can add Friends to a list.

1. You can type their name in the box on the top right corner

2. You can scroll through your Friends by looking at their pictures and clicking on their picture, when you do that it will highlight to bright blue.

3. You can use the suggestions provided by Facebook on the right hand side of the screen. You can add or delete these suggestions by clicking the plus (add) or x (delete) buttons.

Once you have selected all the Friends for that list click the Create List button. You can edit your list at any time by adding or deleting Friends.

You will repeat this process until you have completed all your lists. Remember you can add Friends to multiple lists. Once your lists are created, this process is a lot easier when either requesting a Friend or accepting a Friend request. Adding Friends to lists at this time will save you lots of time in the end.

When you request a Friend or accept a Friend request you will notice an Add to List Button with a small drop down arrow. Clicking that arrow will pull down your lists of Friends and you will be able to add your Friend to one or more lists at that time.

How to Use Lists

There are four great way to use lists.

1. To control who sees your posts

2. To post only to certain lists

3. To send a group email

4. For checking status updates

Check back over the next week, I will post blogs on how to do all four of these things.


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