Improving your Facebook EdgeRank

You probably never even knew there was such a thing as EdgeRank. If you are a Facebook user you will want to find out why it is so important and what you can to to improve it.

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is like SEO for Facebook. Did you ever notice when you log on to Facebook you have two choices to view your newsfeed? Maybe not, but it is important. Look in the top right corner, you will notice the choices are Top News or Most Recent. Your Facebook page will automatically default to Top News. Having your postings show up on Top News is like being at the top of a search engine ranking. This is of course valuable, but with Facebook you can’t pay for it like you can on the Internet you have to earn it.

Why is important?

Why would you want your postings to show up on the Top News Feed? Just like you want your website to be at the top of Google search, it is about being in front of people. A Facebook page defaults to Top News so having your post there is a way to get your posts read over those that fall lower on the EdgeRank. If your news feed displayed everything, there’s a good chance you’d be overwhelmed. So thus the Top News function.

How does EdgeRank work?

Now I could go into a really complicated algorithm that has lots of math, which is not my strong suit, and how it factors into what stories make it to the Top News feed. You don’t need know algorithms but what you do need to know is to post content that your friends and fans will comment, share and like. Facebook ranks your content in three ways.

1. The more you interact with a friend the higher you place in their Top News feed.
2. The more your content in shared, commented on, and like the higher is ranks.
3. The older the content the lower it ranks and vice versa.

How can I improve my Edge Rank?

First, interact with your friends and fans on Facebook. Like, share, like and comment on their posts. This will increase your chances of showing up in their Top News feed. Another bonus you will build your relationship with them by caring. Yes, I am saying comment on all those baby pictures and comments about kids and pets. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Remember that little saying?

Next, think about what you post. Post engaging content. Content that offers your fans and friends value. Give them a reason to friend or follow you.

Lastly, post often but not too often. Don’t post every time you do something but post enough that you offer value and a window into who you are as a person. Often posts that ask a question or offer a funny observation (without being offensive) get a lot of attention.

So experiment and note what posts get lots of interaction. Ask questions and experiment with polling applications. Track how often your posts make the Top News feed and see what results you can garner from that.


About Jill Courville

Social Media Consultant, Strategist & Manager, Speaker, Course Developer, Trainer , Avid Skier and Mom

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  1. Jill, that is great information. I am torn, though, because some people have hinted around: “You must be on Facebook ALL the time!” I’ve heard this from more than one person so I think my posts must have been getting annoying. I’ve been hitting the “Like” button more because it DOESN’T show up in the News Feed. I don’t want to be unfriended.

    I’m really NOT on Facebook ALL the time (I don’t even have internet at home yet), but I am interested in what all my friends do and like to comment on it. I’ve also been using Messages more and more. I have also been on LinkedIn more and more.

    Yes, I know, there are a lot of “I’s” in this post…didn’t mean for it to happen that way.. lol

  2. Great info Jill. Thanks for keeping us all on track!

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