Adding Social Media Plug-Ins to Your Email

Implementing your social media marketing strategy involves cross promotion. An effective way to announce your social media presence is to add social media plug-ins to your email signature. Here is a step by step guide using Outlook 2007. It is really easy, I promise!

1. Choose Your Icons

First, you will want to decide what icons you want to use in your email signature. You can find icons in Google Images or search the internet for social media plug-ins or icons. There are a number of sites that offer free icons. You will most likely want the size of the icon to be 48×48 pixels. You can manipulate the size of an image in any photo editing software.

2. Create Your Signature

Now it is time to either create or edit your email signature.

Open Outlook, under Tools choose Options

Next choose the Mail Format tab and then click Signatures

Under the Email Signature tab create a new or edit your existing signature

3. Add Your Icons

Just like you would add any image to a document you will add the icons that represent the social media you would like to point people to. To do this click on the image button and upload your icons.

4. Add Links to Your Icons

Now after you have loaded your icons you will want to link them to your social media. First click on the icon you would like to link. Then click the link button.

Once you have clicked on your icon, you will need the url for your page. For example, in my signature I would click the Facebook icon and then click the link button. Then in the address window add the url to your page in my case that would be Then click the OK button. You will repeat this process for each icon.

6. Promote Yourself

Congratulations!! Your email signature is now complete. Now each time you send an email your recipient will be able to find you on social media.


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  1. Too easy I will sort this today! It will work just as well with Mac products. I like the way that Mailchimp have added social media buttons th their emails including the “like” button. But the best thing is that joy oh joy your email campaign to be uploaded directly to Facebook. Very impressive thanks for the post

  2. Ramona Strojevs

    Thank you for a terrific suggestion! I will be adding these to my email signature. Thanks!

    Ramona Strojevs

  3. Ramona Strojevs

    I tried doing this, but I cannot get the icon to show up or link. I using Outlook 2003, and my screens are different than above, after #3, adding the Icon. Any help? Thanks, Ramona

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